POLAR MARTINGALE collar - blue + black

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Large clamping stainless steal eye, which serves for easier gripping the dog even in winter gloves.

!!! UPGRADE !!! - NEW stainless steel eye ensures better quality and lasts longer!

The quality of the hand-sewn collar guarantees strength, long life and, thanks to the aluminum clip, easy handling when adjusting the size.

The circumference of the collar is adjustable in the range of 28 - 50 cm and is therefore suitable for most dog breeds.

Pulling the collar is in the range of about 8 cm.

Due to the size of the eye, we do not recommend for longer walks. The dog can easily catch anything.

It is suitable for medium and larger dogs such as the Alaskan Malamute and other big breeds.


ATTENTION to the correct threading of the collar so that it performs its function effectively!

Make sure you do not slip the dog's head into the eye. Make sure that none of the buckles are in direct contact with the dog's coat from the inside.

Colourblue + black