THERMO LEG BANDAGES - three layers (4 pcs)

THERMO LEG BANDAGES - three layers (4 pcs)
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Quality weatherproof horse boots suitable for nights in stable, in case of injury or as a light protection for transport.

Upper layer is made of synthetic fabric. The isolating layer is made of rubber foam. Lower layer is made of a functional material, used on blankets and cooler blankets.

Thanks to this, the horse boots are lightweight, but also high absorbing. The boots have three firm Velcro closures. Owners value the easy-care and functionality.

Stated price is for a set (4 pcs.).

The material and assembly of the material is protected by the Office of Industrial Property of Czech Republic – 13225 - U1 – MTP B68 G 11/02. The material is non-absorbent. The sandwich assembly of the material is characterized by its evaporation surface, up to ten times larger than in natural based materials.



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