Claims conditions


Claims conditions

This claims conditions will guide you how to proceed in the event of a compaint through the online store MANMAT s.r.o.

MANMAT s.r.o.
Address: K Drůbežárně 220, 549 54  Police nad Metují 
identification number: 03166236
phone number: +420 733 577 898 

1. For which product defects are we responsible?

    • As a seller we are responsible for the goods delivered to you as was ordered by you and that this goods has no defects.
    • A difference in shade between view on electronic device cannot be considered as a defect.  

2. What is the warranty period?

    • The warranty period is 24 months. Warranty is applied to defects of wrong production and is not applied on other defects which were caused by unprofessional and careless handling, using the product contrary to its purpose or contrary to the operation instructions or mechanical demaging of the product or demaging due to wear and tear, natural disasters such as a lightning strike or other atmospheric discharge, fire or the actions of other non-standard phenomena.

3. What rights do you have from defective performance?

    1. You have the following rights:
      • Replenishment of missing goods in case we will delivery you less quantity then was ordered or agreed or you have received uncomplete goods in such case your right is to receive the missing products. 
      • You can always request an exchange of goods if there is no opportunity to repair and you have received wrongly produced product.
      • You can request a refund only in these cases:
        1. delivery of defected goods from our side; or
        2. there will appear production defect; or
        3. we will not solve your claim within 30 days
      • Conditions for exchange of goods or payment refund is provment of the derect. Photografical documentation sent as a claim on 

4. When your rights from defective performance cannot be applied? 

    • Your rights from defective performance cannot be applied when the demage of goods was made by your pet (chewing, scratching atc.) or passed the warranty period of 24 months.

  4.1  Warranty and  liability claims from defective performence cannot be applied:

    • damage of goods caused by their usual use;
    • defects of used goods are corresponding to the level of using or wear and tear;
    • goods if this results from their nature (expecially goods which cannot last for the entire duration of the warranty period).

5. How to proceed with the complaint?

    1. Inform us about the complaint immediately when you will find out.
    2. Claims address to our mail:
    3. Recommended action due to the claim :
      1. prove the claim by photos and by invoice to declare when the goods were despatched to you;
      2. absent of above mentioned conditions from you may lead to the rejection of the claim.
    4. We solve the claim at least in 30 days from receiving the claim notice if there weren´t agree longer period of solving claim with you.
    5. In the event of a complaint, we will issue you a written confirmation of when you exercised your right, what the content of the complaint is and what method of handling the complaint you require. Furthermore (after handling the complaint) we will issue you a confirmation of the date and method of handling the complaint and its duration, or a written justification for the rejection of the complaint.
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