Want your dog walking beside your leg and at the same time give hime a bit of freedom? You decide how long your leash will be.
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Strap is made of solid material comfortable in hands while holding it.

The small swivel snap-hook is used to attach the collar. It is very light and does not bother your dog while walking.

The total length is 175 cm.

This leash is a great choice for daily walks and training. Resistant to any weather.

Leash can be shortened or extended using metal rings and snap-hooks at each end of the strap.

There are several length adjustments thanks to the rings.

Suitable for daily walks and training.

Full length of extension leash is 2 m.

The durable non-absorbent material withstands any outdoor activities.

Sportevery day

- full length: 200 cm

- width: 3 cm

- the strap is made of 100% polypropylene

- 2x quality cast iron carabiner (chrome-plated)

- 3x D-shaped half rings with a diameter of 30 mm made of high quality stainless steel - resistant to corrosion

- can be washed at a maximum temperature of 30 °C

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