HOUND harness

Long X-back type harness especially made for pointer-type pullers.
HOUND harness
HOUND harness
HOUND harness
HOUND harness
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CodePH10GPN3) postroj HOUND G-SProducerJaroslav Soumar MANMAT

NEW COLOURS!!! Thanks to the new style of "wild red - G" and "wild blue - H" colors you will be able to match this product for with favourite collar, leash or bungee line.

If you would be interested to order the old version (shown on third product photo) please mention it in notes while placing your order. 


HOUND is a type of long harness specially adapted for dogs with atypical chest dimensions and a distinctive sternum (non-typical chest size and large breastbone).

The most effectively used in sports when is dog pulling in a straight line. Thanks to the suitably adjusted chest part of the harness the straps does not overturn during active dog movement. However, the correct size is important!

Sophisticated technology and material on the inside of the harness ensure the dog comfortable and free movement without unpleasant abrasion (especially in less hairy parts of the body where the skin is thin and sensitive).

Suitable for dog breeds such as Hungarian Pointer, Weimaraner, Irish Setter, Pointer or Rhodesian Ridgeback or European Sled Dog.

REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS sewn on the sides and on the upper cross of the harness allow good visibility of the dog at night and at the same time do not dazzle.

Sportbikejöring, scootering, canicross, mushing, skijöring
Colourwild red
ProducerJaroslav Soumar MANMAT

- outer strap made of 100% polypropylene

- REFLECTIVE STRIPS contributing to better visibility of the dog in the dark

- high-quality woven and knitted fabrics covered with nylon fiber material are used for the inner padding

- all material is tested for abrasion and it is gentle in contact with the skin

- resistance to any weather - thanks to capillary capillarity it DOES NOT FREEZE in winter and in summer it ensures partial EVAPORATION OF MOISTZURE !!!

- can be washed at a maximum temperature of 30 °C

- the material is quick-drying, we do not recommend putting it in the dryer (this damages the functionality of the material)

SIZE A - NECK GIRTH DOG WEIGHT (approximate) DOG BREED (approximate)
S 34 - 37 cm 16 - 21 kg vizsla (female)
M 38 - 41 cm 22 - 27 kg vizsla (male), german pointer (female)
L 42 - 45 cm 28 - 33 kg german pointer (female, male), english pointer (female)
XL 46 - 49 cm 34 - 37 kg german pointer (male), english pointer (male), weimaraner (female), rhodesian ridgeback (female)
XXL 50 - 53 cm 38 - 40 kg english pointer (male), weimaraner (male), rhodesian ridgeback (male)

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