The shock absorber is the main advantage of this leash. It is excellent especially while casual daily walking.
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NEW COLOURS!!! New Year 2023 will bring you new style of "wild red - G" and "wild blue - H" colour. Thanks to our new design you will be able to match colour of this product for example with favourite harness SLED, multipurpose harness RUN or popular STANDART collar.

Older colour version will sell out and the new style will replace it. You can find photo of the new colours as a second picture for each product.


The leash is equipped with a solid cast iron snap and a shock absorber.

It can be used for daily walks in any weather. The material is tear-resistant and comfortable in hands while holding.


Total length after extension is 230 cm.

Sportevery day

- length: 175 cm (at full strech 230 cm)

- width: 2.5 cm

- the strap is made of 100% polypropylene

- quality cast iron snap-hook (chrome-plated)

- can be washed at a maximum temperature of 30 °C


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