The semi-tightening system is an excellent solution for dogs who tend to pull while walking on a leash.
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The quality of the hand-sewn collar guarantees strength, long life and, thanks to the aluminum clip, easy handling when adjusting the size.

The STANDART semi-tightening collar is an excellent solution for dogs who tend to pull. The semi-tightening system creates pressure on the dog's neck, but the collar itself does not choke.

The circumference of the collar is adjustable in the range of 28 - 50 cm and is suitable for most of dog breeds.

Pulling the collar is in the range of about 8 cm.

A stainless steel D-ring with a diameter of 30 mm is used to attach the guide.

We do not recommend this type of collar if you want to tie the dog for a longer period of time. For these purposes, the classic STANDART collar is more suitable.


ATTENTION how to use the collar so that it fulfills the correct function!

Make sure you do not slip the dog's head into the wrong strap hole. None of the buckles cannot be in direct contact with the dog's coat from the inside.


In the case of an even LARGER dog's neck circumference we are accepting custom made orders.

Sportbikejöring, scootering, canicross, dogtrekking, mushing, skijöring, every day

- the collar strap is made of 100% polypropylene (the material is tested for abrasion, it is gente to the dog's coat and skin)

- width: 3 cm

- fixed pull-through buckle (enamelled aluminum)

- large clamping eye with a diameter of 30 mm and ovals are made of high quality stainless steel, which guarantees resistance to corrosion and cracking

- can be washed at maximum temperature 30° C

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